A movement assessment is completed to identify potential causes of pain/discomfort and highlight areas of the body that need strengthening through exercise to help improve bodily function and alleviate pain. The primary focus of the session is to build an exercise program tailored specifically to your individual needs to optimize rehabilitation and your future health. The treatment portion of the session uses therapeutic modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation (interferential current/pre-mod), cupping, soft tissue release (massage), and taping as methods to further help with pain relief. After the treatment, it is advised to thoroughly follow the exercise program provided during the session in order to have the best chance of successful physical rehabilitation.

Note: I do not provide injury diagnoses, referrals, advice on medication, etc.

Therapeutic Modalities Include:
- Ultrasound
- Electrical Stimulation (IFC/Pre-mod)
- Cupping
- Soft Tissue Release (massage)
- Taping

Cameron Penner


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