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Personalized Physiotherapy

Experience tailored physio sessions aimed at optimizing your recovery and wellbeing

Expert Consultations

Gain clarity with our seasoned professionals who take time to understand your health concerns

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Achieve your fitness goals with our bespoke personal training programs designed just for you

Struggling with pain or mobility issues?

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At our Thornbury clinic, we prioritize your health and wellness above all else. Our experienced professionals provide tailored physiotherapy, personal training, and healthcare consulting, designed to address your unique needs. Choose us to take the first step towards your healthier, happier, and more mobile life.

Meet Our Expert Practitioners

At Blue Mountain Physiotherapy and Mobility, we're proud to introduce our dedicated and experienced team.

Joining us from Guelph, Craig Brown brings over 15 years of clinical orthopaedics experience. Cameron Penner, our Honours Kinesiology graduate and Basketball Captain, applies his comprehensive knowledge in biomechanics and therapeutic rehabilitation. Lastly, meet Luka Senk, our esteemed physiotherapist, coach, and marathon competitor with an impressive background in various rehabilitation techniques and health-focused community seminars. Together, they form our reliable team, committed to improving your health and mobility.

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Book An Evaluation

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Get Custom Treatment

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Start Feeling Amazing

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